Your body is the most marvelous thing you will ever own, its where your soul resides. So Let’s treat it the way it deserves to be! Here is the place to relax your body, refresh your mind , to calm your spirit and to feel beautiful. Rejuvenation, peace, relaxation and smiles are waiting just for you.


A team of seasoned experts including Hairstylists, Beauticians and Masseurs (for both Ayurvedic & International Relaxation Therapies) forms the core fortitude of Mayflower spa. World Class treatments delivered in a serene setting is the very heart of our quality spa experience.


Welcome to a world of rejuvenation, of body, mind and soul! At SAJ Ayurveda, every program, treatment or therapy is designed to revitalize `you', to wash away the old and bring in the new, to make your feel younger in body and in spirit.

  • General Rejuvenation massage
  • Head & face massage
  • Neck & shoulder massage
  • Leg massage
  • Medicated steam bath
  • General massage with shiro dhara


  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Colouring
  • Henna Treatment
  • Hair Setting
  • Hair Straightening
  • Shampoo Washing
  • Facial
  • Bleach
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Shave
  • Beard Trimming


  • Rejuvenation Massage
  • Aroma Oil Body Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Sauna & Steam Bath


India has always been known to be the land of Yogis. Imbibing the soulfulness of this yogic tradition and setting it up to blossom in God’s own country, Saj Resort forms a platform for the renowned Patanjali Yoga system. Reviving the practitioners physically and from within, Patanjali yoga sessions form one among the most sought after services at the Saj earth resort.


Travel is said to make you stronger! At Saj earth resort, we take this dictum to a physical level. For strength training and cardio training enthusiasts, the multigym at Saj is their favourite space. Equipped with quality gear, it matches topnotch gyms in class. So why wait to lift weights!


Time spent in a quality Sauna room after a good session of morning yoga is what some call heaven on earth. Its not just the feeling of refreshment when you are inside, but the immense health benefits that last for long which makes the Sauna Room as hot a space as the steam itself.


Its is a known fact that there is no other physical activity that is as wholesome as a good swim. It works your stamina, strengthens your muscles and last but not the least, refreshes your mind beyond expectation. All you need is a good pool! Saj got that for you.

Jogging Track through Chembaka Garden

“Runner’s High” is something that is beyond what words can explain. But then, once you experience it, you will never want to let go of it. If you are a runner, or even a regular person who takes care of your health, a good jogging track can be a great friend. At Saj, the jogging track which winds through the beautiful chembaka garden is something that adds beauty to your run. Lets run and feel the high!.