Tea Plucking

Tea plucking, an action which is as refreshing to the mind as tea itself is for the body, has always been one of the favourite activities of the guests at SAJ Vagamon Hideout. You can join with the local workers in our Tea Plantation and learn from them the delicate art of plucking the ripe leaves. The simple life style and culture of the workers will leave an indelible mark in your memory.

Water Rides & Cycling

You can ride in the lake by three different types of rafts namely 'Changadam' , 'Kottavanchi' and 'Row Boat'. Children's bicycles are available free of cost for rides inside the property.

Vegetable Farm

History has shown that people who walk too much away from the soil are bound to go dull. In Kerala, farming has always been more than an occupation.It has been a very deep personal rejuvenation process. At SAJ Vagamon Hideout , you can get back in touch with the soil. You may Start your day with a visit to our vegetable farm and pluck garden fresh vegetables. Either you can take them home or ask our cooks to prepare a dish for you as per your preference.

Camp Fire

As the fog settles in carrying chill on its wings and as darkness spreads around our campfire will warm you up. Sitting around enjoying the warmth emanating from the burning down of country wood, you can savor hot barbeque dishes, with our special rustic recipes. Non-vegetarian dishes, Local yams and roots spiced up with homemade sauces are served regulary.


We provide escorted Trekking to the nearby meadows and hilltops through winding and picturesque county roads at evenings.


You can engage in fishing in our lake which is home to a variety species of fishes. We will provide you with the hook and line. Take your catch and give it to our kitchen. Our cooks will prepare it for you the way you like to have it without any additional cost.

Natural Pond

We have a traditional 'Kulikkadvu' akin to the ones seen in most ancient houses of Kerala, in the midst of the 'Team Plantation'. This will give you a natural bathing experience in a country pond and more than compensates the lack of a modern swimming pool. Take caution not to attempt diving in the pond. There is a swing fixed in the middle of the pond to bring out the child in you in a unique setting.